Women golf, How the fashion of women golf has changed over the years

When golf first women golf with women in the 19th century, the Victorian era dominated the land and the golf course. Traditional Victorian fashion of the time had golf golfers dressed as if they were going for afternoon tea. Imagine straw bowlers, skirts falling to the floor, high-necked blouses, and button-down formal shoes. These women golf more like they were going to the opera than playing golf.

women golf The pain of maturity:

How these women were able to swing and walk the greens is a women golf to us these days. It is difficult to imagine the current scene. Modern golf golf fashion combines style and functionality. The way the fashion for women’s golf has changed over the years can be summed up in practical use. Try wearing a 19th century Victorian dress and your next summer outing this women golf, and you will see what we mean.

How the fashion of women golf has changed over the years
How the fashion of women golf has changed over the years

women golf Why not look good and be practical:

A 1922 edition of the Vanity Fair women golf Tweed belted golf suit for the latest in women’s golf fashion. It was the first attempt to truly combine fashion and women golf required by today’s golfer. Who wants to dress  golf and wool from the 1920s on a hot day on the golf course?

At the same time, who wants to dress up as a man, especially considering how bad men’s fashion has been in the sport of golf? Why can’t a golfer women golf and still be proud of being a woman when she hits the green?

women golf Fashion that makes sense:

Today’s leading golf designers women golf  the need for style and functionality of female golfers. After all, golf is a social game, but it is also a mobile game. You are with friends, family and business partners. It is natural that you look beautiful with all the privileges of golf. At the same time, you are in the scorching sun crossing the green of the golf course. You will have to be practical. Why can’t you have a beautiful golfer mom that also women golf? Why not look good and be practical at the same time?
We have come a long way, ladies. She plays as good as a man, but she looks beautiful doing it. That is the way of women. Today’s fashion looks good and makes sense. Why did it take so long for women golf companies to notice?


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