top hats The disappearance of top hats

It cannot be Deni that brave clothes (well-fitting suit, glitters, leather shoes. Tie, to complete the outfit) make the man, but today one wears a. Top hat that can place him in the category of the slightly eccentric and maybe even the top hats n. Characterize by its height and wide brim, what happen to the hat that men and women of all classes. Use to wear during the 19th and early 20th top hats ? What led to his death?

 top hats Supposedly represent:

In the 19th century, top hats were all the rage. Top hat classes wore beaver fur hats, and the working class wore smaller rabbit fur hats. With increasing popularity, the top hat reach new heights that supposedly top hat social status. Often use as a reference for capitalism and the British top hats .

 top hat Completely disappear:

But it has not completely top hats ; It is still worn by men for specific social events, such as weddings. balls and horse races like the Royal Ascot in top hat . As per they are made of fur felt with antique silk-made top hats that sell by the top hats at auctions.

 top hat Respectability:

Ensure that it top hats to pair it with a stylish suit, a stylish tie, and matching hats . To add an extra touch of class to your outfit, there are even top hat top hats .

When it first appear, police top hat use it to ensure a sense of respectability. So Today, porters at high-end hotels like the Ritz do so in tailor suits as part of. Their hats to give guests the impression of old-fashion personal top hats and etiquette.

 top hat Professional horsemanship:

Competitions in professional top hats , that is, dressage. Still require

top hats The disappearance of top hats
top hats The disappearance of top hats

So both men and women to wear a top hat, tail coat. And riding breeches as the standard top hats for qualification.

 top hat Magician pulling:

The traditional image of a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat is one of the most obvious. So Fr Astaire often wore a top hat in his movies, namely Top Hat release in 1954 with his co-star Ginger Rogers.  The penguin, Batman’s archenemy, and the Mad Hats from Alice in .Wonderland all evoke the eccentricity often associate with this particular hat. Johnny Walker, so  the gentleman who represents the famous whiskey brand, uses his with a cane. Slash and Prince have worn one, and after top hats .So  Britney Spears has even start wearing one of hers during her circus performances.

So the hat is certainly not as popular as it was in the 19th century


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